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Look at all them Printed Circuit Boards :0

Finally got around to finishing the board layout for the board that will be powering and driving all of my L.E.D.s. 

The top most photo is a 3D representation of my Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and directly below it is the routing for the board which, in plain English, means all the interconnects between the components to make the board function as intended.

The third picture down is the bottom of the driver board in picture one. Those little gray cylinders are capacitors, which there are many of.

The fourth picture down is the 3D representation of the Ear Board Rev 2 (had to redesign it because it didn’t quite line up with the model properly).

More major updates this week (stuff is going down)!

For all the pictures thus far follow this link:


Anonymous asked:

bro, your cosplay ROCKS! also, is that a game your programing

Thanks for the compliment!

I am not programming a game, but rather I am designing a Printed Circuit Board. This specific design is the Microcontroller circuit board for the Guy Manuel Helmet I am building. You can find all the pictures here at this link:

It might make a little more sense after you visit the gallery. As I get closer to the finished model it should become more clear of what my intentions are with each piece of hardware.

I hope that answered all of your questions Anon.

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